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The God I Won't Believe In

In 2019, Pastor Nick asked the Internet to respond to the prompt “I Could Never Believe in a God Who…”. The responses, along with other research, highlighted nine common themes – topics which people say make it hard for them to embrace Christianity. What began as a nine-week series of messages addressing these barriers, quickly became the most popular, most requested series on Nick's podcasts, church website, radio program, and even on USB drives in their bookstore. This book is the culmination of those requests, research, and feedback – adapted as a resource to help you, your friends and family through some of the most difficult questions about God and the Bible.

We all struggle. Even those who already believe struggle and question things about God, Christianity, and the Bible. Wherever you find yourself, this book aims to help you move from doubt, questions, and unbelief to a strengthened faith and belief in the true God of the Bible. Further, this book is a resource to help equip you, so that as you talk with your friends and family members who struggle with some of these questions, you’ll be prepared to help them overcome some of these hurdles and, ultimately, put their faith in Jesus!

Here’s a List of the Chapters

Each chapter begins with the phrase: “I Could Never Believe in a God Who…”

  1. A God Who Hasn’t Proven His Existence

  2. A God Who Gave Us a Faulty Bible

  3. A God Who Condoned Genocide in the Old Testament

  4. A God Who Creates Hateful, Hypocritical Followers

  5. A God Who Suppresses Women and Minorities

  6. A God Who Sends People to Hell

  7. A God Who Says Some Love is Wrong

  8. A God Who Lets Bad Things Happen to Good People

  9. A God Who Doesn’t Answer My Prayers

In this episode, Pastor Cady and His editor discuss the backstory of the book, as well as the content of the chapters, and who this book is for.

"I hope this book will be a great resource to help both those who are wrestling through facing these barriers to embracing Christianity, as well as those who seek to be equipped to help their family and friends move from doubt to belief."

- Pastor Nick Cady


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