NEW NORMAL: Although is it good to be back together in person, it is not how is was.  Galatians 5:13 reminds us to “serve one another through love.”  So we will lovingly need to extend kindness, patience and the love of Christ to one another in these trying times. 

Here is what our NEW NORMAL will look like.

1.  Reduced Capacity:  To ensure safe and social distancing our seating capacity has been reduced.

2.  Social Distancing: Just like anywhere else you have been we will encourage social distancing.

3.  Masks:  It is strongly recommended that you wear a mask our top consideration for those in our church family that we love.  All our of staff and ministry leaders will set the example and wear masks ourselves.  If you do not have a mask of your own, we can provide one for you free of charge.

4.  Communion:  We will be using sealed, self contained communion elements.  Instead of serving them to you, they will be made available to you on the counter in the cafe.  This is to ensure that no one beside you, has handled the communion elements that you will be consuming.

5. Cleaning:  After each service our staff and ministry team will sanitize the sanctuary chairs, restrooms and high contact surfaces to ensure your safety.  The toys in the Childrens classrooms will be sanitized as well.

6.  Any fellowship before and after services is encouraged to occur outside.

7.  Air purification:  Our church has installed new air purifier to our ventilation system. This air purification system cleans the air and kills viruses, bacteria and molds in the entire building.

Finally, if you are feeling sick we kindly ask that your would stay home and participate with us ONLINE and then come back and worship with us again when you are feeling better.

As our county health officials make changes to the Covid restrictions either tightening or loosening any requirements, our church will do likewise. We endeavor to stay current with our state and county health guidelines.