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The Masked Pastor

An Article from Pastor Paul Boutan

Some of you may be fans of the reality TV series on FOX called “The Masked Singer” which features celebrity singers disguised in masks and during each episode you are trying to guess their real identity. While you may be fans of that TV show, many of us (myself included) during this pandemic are definitely not fans of wearing masks. As you know our current policy is that wearing masks at Calvary is “optional.” However, you may also be aware that recently, we have experienced a small “outbreak” of COVID at the church. Likewise, I am aware of several other churches that have seen an increased spread of COVID as well. Nationwide, the “positivity rate” for COVID is decreasing. However, there are 5 States where the numbers are rising. Number two on that list is Colorado. Additionally, out of the counties within Metro-Denver, Adams County has the highest positivity rate of 8%.

We have certainly seen a rise of COVID within Calvary Brighton. As of the writing of this article there are several people in our church family who have tested positive. With this “small outbreak” in mind, I am personally deciding to exercise my option to wear my mask. As the pastor of Calvary, I feel I have a responsibility to lead by example, as well as protect the flock I’ve been entrusted with. So, starting this Sunday you will see the “Masked Pastor” at church. The goal is not to uncover the identity of the clergyman underneath the disguise. Rather, the goal is to slow down if not stop the spread of this virus in our church. I do not plan on wearing my mask indefinitely. Once the positivity rate is closer to 5% the disguised pastor will be unmasked.

However, effectively stopping the spread is not a solo act, but rather a group ensemble. I would like to invite you and encourage you to join me in curbing this virus. Here are some practical ways you can help me:

1. Pray about exercising your option to wear your mask. By no means are we requiring this, nor will anyone be shamed for choosing not to wear a mask. This is just a simple step we can take to slow down the spread.

2. Be aware of your symptoms, especially minor ones that can easily be mistaken for allergies or a mild cold. Over the past year we have seen this virus display itself through a wide variety of symptoms ranging from what appears to be a simple sinus infection to being hospitalized in ICU. Some have had only a mild grade fever, others had dangerously high fevers, but many have no fever at all.

3. Stay home if you or any of your family members have any of the above symptoms. It’s better to err on the side of caution, than to risk spreading this infection. Keep in mind that the same virus that’s only giving you the sniffles, can be lethal to someone else.

4. Please get tested. Perhaps you really do have a mere sinus infection, well a simple COVID test will confirm that and give you peace of mind. Calvary Brighton has at home rapid result COVID test kits available to anyone who serves at the church. If you volunteer in one of our ministries and have symptoms, or wonder if you’ve been exposed, we would be happy to provide one of these test kits FREE of charge. Again, if you or your household are sick, we ask that you stay home. It is in everyone’s best interest to get your position filled or even go without for one Sunday.

5. Join us for online church. If you’re sick or have tested positive, stay connected to your church family online by visiting us at LIVESTREAM.

6. Finally, let us know if you have COVID so that we can pray for you, and if necessary, help provide a meal for you and your family.

Another step that we are taking to ensure the safety of everyone who comes to worship with us in person, is that we have purchased a Purerox Covid-19 Disinfecting “Fogger” machine to use throughout our church including the sanctuary and all our classrooms. Purerox Disinfectant is approved by the EPA to kill 99.99% of viruses including COVID-19 and the Delta variant in as little as 60 seconds. Purerox works fast to disinfect the air and surfaces, it is 100% safe as it is non-toxic and contains no harmful chemicals. For more information click here.

By using this Fogger we are adding another layer of protection to our existing safety protocols that include cleaning and disinfecting all surfaces in the church before and in between all services and our state-of-the-art air purification system.

As you can see, we are doing our part but to be successful in this endeavor, we need your help. Together in a matter of short time I believe we can stave off the spread of this virus in our church. Like many of you, I “hate” wearing my mask. However, more than that I hate seeing people in our church whom I love and care for, many I have known for decades being infected, hospitalized or in one case actually die from complications of COVID. Thank you in advance for doing your part however inconvenient that may be.


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