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Adopt a Camper this Christmas!

A note from Amy Boutan

I would like to invite you to adopt a camper this Christmas. We will begin sign ups for Eaglelake Day camp 2022 soon! I want to let you know about a fun opportunity to help some kids have a fantastic summer. Let me explain where this idea came from. My mother is a rockstar as a grandmother. My children are her only grandchildren (which is absolutely fabulous if you can ever swing it) she regularly chose to give “experiences” instead of traditional gifts. Every Christmas she gave Zach and Samantha the gift of a week at camp. They never forgot their time at camp; it was full of outdoor fun, crazy energetic adventures and they were deliberately encouraged in their faith. In the process they built relationships with the counselors that were wonderful role models and great examples as cool, older believers. Each year it was an important step in developing their own relationship with Jesus. After several years of having great camp experiences along with encountering and watching the counselors, they desired to work at the camp as well. Then that’s when amazing things started to happen. When Zach and Samantha ended up working at camp they were both put in challenging situations where they were forced to turn to God. They were surrounded by other believers that helped point them towards God to be their strength, support and comfort. At that point their relationship with Jesus become their own faith. When I am asked, I always attribute their time at camp as a major contributor to Zach and Samantha’s path to putting their faith in Jesus. In the summer 2022 our church is going to partner with Eaglelake Day Camps again. It will be a week of energetic outdoor fun, crazy counselors all intermingled with the Bible and a whole lot of Jesus. We had almost 50 children attend the camp in 2021. I am happy to report that we had 5 children from our group accept Jesus. There were also several other children that grew in their relationship with Jesus which was demonstrated in an increase in asking spiritual questions, reading their Bible and encouraging the family to go to church. This Christmas consider giving the gift of camp. As mentioned before, we are launching an “Adopt a Camper” program. Perhaps you are a parent hoping to encourage your children down the path of their faith. Maybe you have grandchildren that you would like to give the gift of “experience”. Or maybe you would like to help other children to go to camp. Paul and I will be participating in this scholarship effort. Each year around Christmas we always look for ways to give Jesus a gift for His birthday. (Shhh, Don’t tell Jesus. I know you talk all the time. But I know that He will really like this gift because He really likes children.) The church would like to offer $100 scholarships again. These scholarships are instrumental helping families to be able to afford to send their kids. The cost of the week of camp is $250. The $100 scholarship brings camp within financial reach. We would like to offer 50 children $100 scholarships. If you would like to join in this effort you can give on our giving page or grab a special Eaglelake envelope located in the coffee house and put it in the tithe box. I have included (with permission) some fun pictures of when Zach and Samantha went to camp and later worked there.


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