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Meet Our Newest Board Member: Jeff Figgs

A note form Pastor Paul Boutan:

I am excited to introduce you to the newest addition to our Board of Directors for Calvary Brighton, Jeff Figgs. Many of you are aware that back on March 4, 2021, Tom Barclay who was the Secretary of our Board went home to be with the Lord, after he lost his battle to cancer. Since then, the remaining Board of Directors among whom are: myself, Bob Hackney, and David Cronk began seeking the Lord as to who should replace the void left by Tom’s departure. That led us to Jeff Figgs.

Perhaps Jeff’s name rings a bell. By the way, that reminds me of a monk in training who was sent early in the morning to the bell-tower to ring the bell. Upon arriving, he discovered that the rope that you would normally pull to ring the bell had been chewed off by rodents. Not wanting to let his superior down, the young monk took ten steps back, got a running start, jumped, and hit the bell face first and then fell two stories to the ground below. Someone asked the senior monk who this young man was to which he replied, “I don’t know his name, but his face rings a bell.” Well, you may be familiar with Jeff Figgs because he has been serving as the Senior Pastor of Calvary Chapel Greeley, since 1996. Additionally, he was one of our “original” board members when I first planted our church in 1997. Jeff served us as a member of our board for about a decade, until his father’s declining health required more of Jeff’s time and attention.

Others of you may remember Jeff from our Israel trip back in 2007 when he and I led a joint tour between our two churches.

I first met Jeff through my wife Amy twenty-six years ago, and we became instant life-long friends. At that time, I was serving as a Youth Pastor at Crossroads Calvary Chapel and Jeff was serving as an Assistant Pastor at Rocky Mountain Calvary in Colorado Springs. Rocky Mountain Calvary was my wife’s home church before we met, while she was living in the Springs. Back then, Jeff was in the process of planting his church in Greeley. Every Sunday he would drive from Colorado Springs to Greeley and lead a Bible study. Finally in 1996, his weekly Bible study blossomed into an actual church. He and wife Sue then made the move from the Springs and put down roots in Greeley. You may have heard Jeff’s Bible teaching ministry “Under The Fig Tree” on GraceFm 89.7FM at 3:30pm. If so, then you know that Jeff is gifted with Biblical wisdom, spiritual maturity and has a humility that is attractive. Additionally, he has earned a reputation for having the highest integrity.

Jeff and his wife Sue have four young adult children, two of whom are on staff at his church. His son Luke serves as the Youth and Young Adults Pastor and his oldest daughter Barbara serves as the Events Coordinator. Racheal, his second daughter, is adding to her music degree at Full Sail University in Orlando Florida. David, his young son, is a student at the University of Northern Colorado.

At our end of the year Board Meeting on December 7, 2021, the Board of Directors voted unanimously to add Jeff Figgs to our Board. Jeff mentioned to us that one thing he has always practiced over the years with his board at Calvary Greeley, is to have at least one pastor from outside his church on his board. Having another pastor on your board allows for an objective perspective. But there are also certain challenges in leading a church that only another pastor truly understands.

Over the last twenty-six years, whether Jeff has been serving on our Board of Directors or not, Jeff has continuously been a trusted friend and confidant. He is often one of the first people I turn to when I need counsel, biblical wisdom, sound advice, or a listening ear.

Therefore, it pleases to let you know that one of the men God has been using to direct me, will once again be serving you.


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