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The Best Places to Send Your Kids this Summer

A Note from Amy Boutan

This time of year many of us start to think about and begin looking for summer activities. Summer camps were a big part of our kids development as people and followers of God. If you want to send a child or young adult to a camp that would benefit them spiritually we thought we would share with you some of our top picks:

- Eaglelake Day camp Kids ages 7 to 12: This is the second year we have partnered with a ministry called the Navigators and other churches in the Brighton area to make this camp available to you. It is a wonderful combination of outdoor fun and faith. Eaglelake day camp will expose your children to Christ centered love in the midst of exciting outdoor experiences. This is perfect for little ones that are not ready for overnights away from home. To get more information or to sign up:

- Idrahaje Overnight Camp ages 7 to 17 (Idrahaje stands for I’d Rather Have Jesus) Idrahaje overnight camp is located in Bailey Colorado. This camp can accommodate multiple age groups simultaneously so Mom and Dad might have a fun break as well. This overnight camp has cabins as well as opportunities to Sleep in the great outdoors in a tepee. Kids will get to sharpen their skills in archery, drama, survival, the climbing tower and a lot more. They will have the opportunity to learn about Jesus Christ in new and exciting ways during chapel times. Paul and I sent our kids to this camp every summer from 5th grade up to high school. This camp allows kids to have some independence in a safe environment and our kids always came back crazy dirty and on fire for Jesus! To get more information regarding dates, costs and specific age group camps:

- Summit Camp for high schoolers and graduates The world pressures young adults to doubt their faith and walk away. Summit Student Conferences will answer their toughest questions and equip them to stand firm. For over 60 years, they have been equipping students to defend, own, and live out their faith. This camp has been endorsed by Dr. James Dobson as well as Sean McDowell. Your student will have an opportunity to ask questions with some of the best of the best Christian thinkers around.

We have tried for the past 2 years to send Samantha to this camp but it has been canceled twice due to Covid. This summer we hope that she can attend to strengthen her faith and explore many challenging topics before she heads off to college.

- Idrahaje: Counselor or SaLT (SaLT means Staff and Leadership training )

Ages: SaLT’s ages 15 to 17 and Camp counselors ages 18 and up

If your young adult wants to make a difference for the Kingdom of God, working at Idrahaje will change them as well as positively impact the lives of many children. They are looking for summer staff members who would rather have Jesus than anything. Spending a summer on IdRaHaJe staff is a decision you won’t regret; it is a chance to invest in the lives of others as you serve Jesus Christ. The 10-week summer camp program (staff training included) involves discipleship, serving campers and growing deeper in your walk with the Lord. Every summer, they hire over 100 staff for various positions. They have numerous life-changing opportunities for you to serve God in an amazing, Colorado mountain environment.

Working at Idrahaje was one of the funnest, hardest and most faith strengthening experiences that both Zach and Samantha ever had growing up. That’s were we got to meet Tim Smith our media manager when he worked there. Life long friendships were made, spiritual growth, maturity along with making a personal connection with Jesus all happened through working at Idrahaje.

- E4life: Gap year

Sometimes when students graduate high school they are still not certain what they should do next. Recently, Rocky Mountain Calvary, a sister church in Colorado Springs has launched this program designed to help graduates figure out their calling. The director of the program is Sean Rafferty, a pastor and long time friend of ours. He is a trusted person to help guide your young adult. In this program they will spend 10 months deep diving into the truth of who God is and who He has made you to be through biblical teachings such as apologetics, biblical identity, christian worldview, leadership, and more. They will mix in outdoor adventures along with going on 2 mission trips. To learn more:


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